Classification Of Sintered Filter Elements

Classification Of Sintered Filter Elements

Date:Mar 06, 2021

With people's attention to the environment and water resources, filter elements have also been concerned and carefully selected. There are many kinds of filter elements and various materials, which make it easy for us to choose.

Today, I bring you the introduction and classification of sintered filter elements. You may have the first impression that if the sintered filter element is made by sintering process, its material must be metal. I can tell you that this idea is not entirely correct.

So, what is sintered filter element? In short, the sintered filter element is made of sintered materials. Generally, the sinter filter elements circulating in the market include sinter net filter element and sinter felt filter element. I will divide the sinter filter into two parts.

1、 According to the material, there are metal sintered filter element and non-metal sintered filter element. The metal sintered filter element is mainly made of stainless steel series sintered mesh filter element and sintered felt filter element. There are special metal made of titanium rod sintered filter, Monel sintered filter, etc. Non metallic sintered filter elements include activated carbon sintered filter elements with activated carbon as material, powder sintered filter elements with metal powder as material, copper powder sintered filter elements, and PE sintered filter elements with polymer as material.

2、 According to the function, there are surface filtration type and deep filtration type. For example, the filter element of sintering net is the surface filtering sintering filter element. Generally, the surface filtration type is a sintered filter element made of sintered mesh, because the sintered mesh is surface filtration. The sintered filter elements with fibers, particles and particles as materials, such as powder sintering and sintered felt, are all of deep filtration type. Such as copper powder sintered filter, activated carbon sintered filter, sintered felt filter, etc.

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