How To Distinguish Qualified Sinter Net Products And How To Choose Suitable Sinter Products?

How To Distinguish Qualified Sinter Net Products And How To Choose Suitable Sinter Products?

Date:Feb 20, 2021

1、 Testing standard for bonding firmness of sintered wire mesh

25 Observe whether there are "bubbling" points on the mesh surface from the side, and the "bubbling" points are the parts that are not firmly bonded, indicating that the sintering is not in place.

25 For thicker finished wire mesh (δ≥ 3), a metal bar can be used to tap gently on each part of the mesh surface to make a crisp metal sound evenly, which indicates that the mesh is firmly bonded. If a dull metal sound is made at the part, it indicates that the sintering is not firm and it is easy to blister during use.

25 For the thinner sintering net, it can shake as a whole. If it makes a loud vibration sound, it means that the net is firmly bonded. If it makes a distinct vibration sound, it means that the net is not well bonded and easy to open.

2、 The surface of the product is bright and clean, without pollution, scratch, indentation and oxidation color

3、 The surface of the product is smooth, flatness ≤ 10mm / 1mx0.5m

4、 Size requirements, net edge without burr, flanging, diagonal length difference ≤ 5mm

In addition, the performance test method for sintered wire mesh products is attached

25The chemical composition was analyzed according to GB / T 1220. (spectrometer test)

25Bubbling pressure test shall be conducted according to GB / T 5249. (bubbling test)

25The air permeability is carried out according to GB / T 5453, the test pressure difference is 200Pa, and the medium is air.


Both sinter screen and sinter felt are new filter materials made of stainless steel, which have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and stable filtration accuracy. And both are widely used in nuclear industry, petrochemical industry, aerospace, food and medicine, metallurgical machinery, power electronics and other fields. So is the choice of sintering network or sintering felt, it has become the problem of the majority of customers.

From the material of the two materials:

The sinter net is made of the same or different stainless steel woven nets, which are overlapped together, and then pressed and rolled for many times. The sinter net is made by vacuum sintering at 1260 ℃ and then diffusion solid solution. It has strong mechanical strength and integral steel property;

Stainless steel sintered felt is made of extremely fine metal fibers with different wire diameters through non-woven laying, overlapping configuration and high temperature vacuum sintering at 1180 ℃.

From the point of view of sintering process:

The sintering process of the sintering net is that several layers of stainless steel metal woven net with different structures are overlapped and sintered together

The structure of sintered felt is ordered. And sintering is non-woven paving, is the metal fiber disorderly put together sintering.

To sum up, it can be seen that the sinter screen has a large filtering range, while the sinter felt has a relatively high pollution capacity. Therefore, as a customer, you can choose the sinter aluminum suitable for you according to your actual situation and needs.

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