Impedance Muffler

Impedance Muffler

Date:Jan 18, 2020

Most of the existing mufflers use the principle of impedance composite muffler. Due to the complicated structure, heavy weight, high-temperature oxidizing sound-absorbing packing, high-speed airflow impact sound-absorbing packing, water vapor penetrating sound-absorbing packing, etc., the muffler is prone to frequent maintenance, poor sound-absorbing effect, and short service life.

This has always been a difficult point in the design of the muffler. The micro-perforated muffler is designed to solve the above problems by integrating the most reasonable muffler principle, and has achieved good results. Micro-perforated muffler The muffler does not use any resistive sound-absorbing filler. It adopts a micro-penetration and multi-cavity structure. The high-pressure airflow enters the cavity through multiple flow control in the muffler, and the original airflow frequency is changed step by step. The resistance loss is small, the noise reduction frequency bandwidth, and dust-free during work. Not afraid of oil mist and water vapor. Resistant to high temperature and high speed airflow.

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