Structure Of The Silencer

Structure Of The Silencer

Date:Jan 17, 2020

According to the space conditions of the bottom of the car, the muffler cover can be processed into a tile shape or rolled into a pot shape. The outer cover of the pot-shaped muffler is formed by using a round mandrel to form the outer cover material and snap it together or is integrally installed with a welding connection, and the welded parts are installed into the interface. The pot-shaped muffler is composed of an inner pipe, a steering elbow and an intermediate bottom plate, and then the outer bottom plate is connected to the outer cover through a groove or welding.

When the space condition of the bottom of the car is complicated and it is difficult to install the pot muffler, a deep-drawn tile muffler can be used. It can be made into almost any form. The total volume of the car muffler is 8 to 12 times the engine displacement.

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