Trends In Sintered Parts

Trends In Sintered Parts

Date:Jan 03, 2020

Factory-school union, factory union, upstream and downstream joint is an inevitable trend of development.

In recent years, said more is the combination of "production, learning and research", but some of the projects are quite less effective, shelf quite a lot, the declared part of the scientific research funds have not really been used in the real place. But this cooperation is a development trend, the key is to truly achieve its goal, so that factories, factories, upstream and downstream joint can maximize their respective initiative, so that the role of the combination is greater than the combat capability of single-man single body. In the field of materials, multi-party joint, innovative research and development of new materials is a top priority, the need for face engineering, but also need to play a key role in promoting the rapid development of the PM industry of new materials. Joint is the combination benefit, the single body benefits more, has real economic benefits.

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