What Are The Sintering Applications?

What Are The Sintering Applications?

Date:Aug 08, 2020

People used sintering technology to produce ceramics, powder metallurgy, refractories, ultra-high temperature materials and so on.

Generally speaking, the compact powder is a kind of polycrystalline material, and its microstructure is composed of crystal, vitreous body and pore.

The sintering process directly affects the grain size, pore size, grain boundary shape and distribution in microstructure, and then affects the properties of the material.

The powder metallurgy process can be used for the processing and manufacturing of refractory metals, cemented carbide and other materials; it can directly press the final product size of the compact to minimize the subsequent machining requirements; save material consumption and reduce production costs.

There is no need to melt the material, reducing impurities and material oxidation, thus improving the purity of the material.

Sintering technology is widely used in various industries.

In aerospace industry, metal powder sintering technology can be used to make complex internal structure, achieve the purpose of weight reduction and efficiency improvement.

In the mechanical mold industry, metal powder sintering technology greatly improves the processing efficiency, quality and service life of the mold.

In the medical industry, metal powder sintering technology is widely used in dentistry, implants, medical devices and so on.

It can be said that the application of sintering technology is an essential link in heavy industry production and manufacturing.

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