What Basic Knowledge Should We Master About Sintering?

What Basic Knowledge Should We Master About Sintering?

Date:Aug 08, 2020

In a broad sense, sintering refers to the process that bulk powder is consolidated into blocks by solid bonding force at a certain temperature.

Sintering in the field of ironmaking refers to the process that iron ore powder and other iron bearing materials are solidified into artificial blocks with good gold treatment performance through molten materials, and its production organism is sinter.

Although the term sintering is used, they contain different physical and chemical processes.

Powder sintering, as we often say, refers to the process in which metal powder or powder compacts are heated to a temperature lower than the melting point of the main components. Due to physical and chemical interactions such as adhesion between particles, the required strength and properties of materials or products are obtained.

Each link in the sintering process is closely linked, and the concentrate is a very important part in the sintering process, so what is the meaning of concentrate?

Concentrate refers to the measures taken to optimize the quality of raw materials and fuels before entering the blast furnace, so as to meet the requirements of intensified smelting of blast furnace. High technical and economic indexes and economic benefits can be obtained by using concentrate in blast furnace smelting.

It is the so-called "make the best use of everything" and make the best use of resources. It is also a kind of awareness of saving and environmental protection.

From the literal point of view of the word sintering, the word burning is to use fire, there must be flame accompanied by high temperature.

The sintering process must be carried out at a certain high temperature, which is generated by the combustion of fuel.

The temperature, the speed of combustion, the width of combustion band and the atmosphere in the sinter will affect the process of sintering and the quality of final sintered products. These factors are all related to the physical and chemical properties and consumption of fuel.

Therefore, the physical and chemical properties of fuel are important factors affecting the sintering process.

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