Working Principle Of Sintering Plate Filter

Working Principle Of Sintering Plate Filter

Date:Jun 13, 2020

Sintering plate filter, also known as sintering plate dust remover and plastic sintering plate dust remover, is a kind of dust remover with gas filtration as its working principle, and the filter element used is sintering plate filter element. 

It is a new generation of ultra-high efficiency dust remover developed and produced by foreign countries in recent 20 years, which can effectively capture dust above 0.1 μ M. for dust above 1 μ m, the collection efficiency is as high as 99.999%, and the emission is less than 1mg / m3, realizing the true zero emission.

Stainless Steel Filter

The working principle and basic structure of the sinter plate filter are similar to that of the bag filter, but because of the special sinter plate material used to make the filter element, it has many unique advantages compared with the traditional filter (for example, bag filter, flat bag filter, cartridge filter, etc.) which uses the fiber filter material to make the filter element.

The specific principle is that the dusty air flow enters the dust chamber of the middle box through the guide plate at the dust gas inlet, and the purified gas is discharged through the fan through the sintering plate. 

With the increase of dust trapped on the surface coating of sintering plate, the dust cleaning control system with timing or constant differential pressure will automatically open the quick opening pulse valve to effectively remove the dust on the surface of sintering plate by compressed air. 

The dust sprayed will fall into the ash hopper under the action of gravity and be discharged.

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