Oil Impregnated Bushing by Sintered Powder Metallurgy

Oil Impregnated Bushing by Sintered Powder Metallurgy

DALON SINTERED IRON BUSHING are manufactured of pressed iron powders by sintered technology and impregnated with lubricating oil and high porosity.
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DALON SINTERED IRON BUSHING are manufactured of pressed iron powders by sintered technology and impregnated with lubricating oil and high porosity.

Increased iron content makes these SINTERED IRON BUSHING stronger and more resistant to shock loads than standard oil-embedded bushing; they can operate at lower speeds.

Startup friction causes these porous SINTERED IRON BUSHING to release a thin layer of oil on the bearing’s surface. The oil contained in the porosity provides a constant lubrication between bearing and shaft, which resulting in a very low friction coefficient and maintenance-free for general engineering applications.

System of Measurement

Inch / Metric

Bearing Type


Plain Bearing Type

Sleeve / Flange / Spherical

For Load Direction



Iron based

Tolerance Standard

F7 r7 Js13

Lubrication Method

Embedded Lubricated

For Shaft Type


Shaft Mount Type

Slip Fit

Load Direction:

All SINTERED IRON BUSHING is designed to handle radial loads, thrust loads, or a combination of the two. Radial loads are perpendicular to the shaft.

Sleeve bushing handle radial loads.

Flanged sleeve handle both radial and thrust loads.

Thrust bearings handle thrust loads.


With no moving parts, SINTERED IRON BUSHINGs are the simplest type of bearing. Compared to ball and roller bearings, they generally handle higher temperatures and perform better in dirty environments. They are also intended by design to be self-lubricating, maintenance free and low cost.


An extremely wide range of operating loads, speeds and temperatures:

●Dynamic loads from 6 to 75 MPa

●Linear speeds up to 8 m/s

●Operating temperatures from - 100°C to + 300°C

Sintered Iron Bushing is Suitable for use in a wide range of environments

●Marine environment

●Radio-active environments

●Contact with corrosive liquids or substances incompatible with oils

●Food preparation

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