Sintered Bearing Sleeve Self Lubricating Composite Bearings

Sintered Bearing Sleeve Self Lubricating Composite Bearings

The SINTERED METAL BEARINGS sizes start from an interior diameter of 2mm and can go up to 250 mm, Length up to 80mm.
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The SINTERED METAL BEARINGS sizes start from an interior diameter of 2mm and can go up to 250 mm, Length up to 80mm.

By P/M technology, The microroughness of the SINTERED METAL BEARINGS surface enables amounts of lubricant to be transferred. To achieve the perfect surface properties for sliding function, process of impregnation under vacuum conditions by suitable lubricant can guarantee the capacity and the life of the bearing. 


Our sintered sliding bearings can be manufactured in accordance with the primary DIN1494, ISO and MPIF standards, but can also made to meet special requirements.


• Radial load up to 5 N/mm2

• Speed up to 3 m/s

• Good emergency running properties

• Stop & start operation

• Corrosion-resistant


By installing Sintered Metal Bearings made of sintered metal in plastic housings, or using plastic axial thrust washers, the compatibility with the plastic have been fully tested.


TYPES OF Sintered Metal Bearings


CYLINDRICAL Sintered Metal Bearings

This most cost-effective form of bearing is primarily pushed into a pre-processed bearing bore using a mandrel.


FLANGE Sintered Metal Bearings

Differ from cylindrical bearings with their flange on one side. This serves as a restraint during installation, and in certain cases, also serves as a larger support when placed under axial loads. This form of bearing also needs to be pushed in using a mandrel.


SPHERICAL Sintered Metal Bearings

Guarantees autonomous re-alignment of the bearing bore. The bore diameter remains unchanged when installing the spherical bearing. However, the installation is somewhat more complicated.


SPHERICAL Sintered Metal Bearings WITH RING

The main purpose of the extension is to compensate for any in-between spaces.


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