Irrigation Screen Disc Filter

Irrigation Screen Disc Filter

DALON manufacturer of porous SINTERED BRONZE OIL FILTER since 2002, offers a variety of solutions to meet our customer requirements.

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DALON manufacturer of porous SINTERED BRONZE OIL FILTER since 2002, offers a variety of solutions to meet our customer requirements.

Our SINTERED BRONZE OIL FILTER are applied in sparging, sensor protection, gas and liquid filtration, dampening, bulk handling and etc. which for solution of corrosive and high temperature environments.

 Flow Control Mufflers

Adjust flow by turning the screw, then tighten the hex nut with a wrench to secure. Use DALON Irrigation Screen Disc Filterwith air-powered tools and cylinders to reduce noise and filter exhaust fumes.

Irrigation Screen Disc Filter also suitable for use with welding equipment, these mufflers are made of flame-resistant materials. Use them on loud equipment to filter exhaust fumes and reduce noise by 35-42 dB.

DALON Irrigation Screen Disc Filter FAQ:


Q: Factory or Trading Company?

A: DALON established in 2002 and have two factories under DALON group with shareholders, one workshop specialized in sintered bronze bushing and another handles all sintered filter and silencers.


Q: What is MOQ?

A: We are enjoying to grow up together with all of our clients whatever big or small orders. You will become bigger and bigger to be with DALON.

DALON sintered metal filter could be used with air powered tools, valves, and cylinders to reduce noise and filtering exhaust fumes.

For purpose of reduce noise, filtration, and flow ratings , please selecting DALON mufflers, breather vents, and filters in below ways:

Noise Measured in decibels (dB), the rating indicates how much sintered metal filter reduces exhaust noise from your tool or equipment. Usually recommends hearing protection for exposure higher than 80 dB.

Filtration: sintered metal filter trap particles to clean the air exhausting to the environment or going into your equipment. The size of particles is measured in microns; the lower the number of microns, the smaller the particles that are removed from the air.

Flow—Measured in standard cubic meter per minute, this rating is the maximum air flow that a product can withstand.

Please Note to choose the correct pipe size, measure the threaded inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) of your pipe or valve, usually DALON can offer sintered metal filter types in standard threading from 1/8 to 1 inch. sintered metal filter with pipe connections thread into NPT or metric threaded exhaust ports.



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